Monday, September 8, 2008

10 year Reunion Fun!!!

The girls are back together! We had a blast spending the majority of the time standing around and laughing about old silly memories, it was a blast and I miss each of these ladies very much!
Jess O'Dell was smart enough to grab me right when we got there and get a quick shot before the humidity took control of our hair :) The reunion was right on the bay in the "Swamp Room" :)
Hey Amber! :) Amber, Jess O, myself, the two babies (Jessica's little man Reed and Stephen) and the husbands hung out at the Eastern Shore Center and got some much need relaxing chit chatting in while the dads watch the boys playing in the fountains! Thanks dads!
Reed O'Dell says "HEY!" You can check him out on his blog

There's daddy and Stephen - Stephen was trying to run off again at the fountains! I love that place!

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