Friday, November 21, 2008

Hello everyone,
sorry it's taken so long to put anything up, and this isn't much I know. The Maddox household has been busy busy and sicky sicky. Stephen came down with an icky bug that included the throw-ups and then a nasty cold with it, and just when I thought it was over he got an ear infection :( Poor guy, but when I think about it, this is the first real cold he's had! But he is doing great!

Other than that, Alan has been working hard on the house. His buddy Chris came over a few weekends ago and helped him tile the bathroom floor, then the next few weekends he took on the kitchen and breakfast knook floor's. What a difference some new floors make! I'll post some pictures very soon.

I've been busy with work, this is the begining of the busy times to come. All the early cerimonies and preperation for the Sacraments started in October, then we had a great three night series/lector on the Mass, and soon our Advent mission will be here. So I'm looking forward to the holiday's, and some much needed rest and relaxation with the family! But I can't complain at all, I am so blessed to work from home and Alan is so great with getting home early on some nights so I can get up to the Church for my programs.

Little Abby is doing great and so is mommy. I'm now about 25 weeks along and feeling wonderful, I have some energy and I even forget I'm pregnant sometimes - kinda. Alan is enjoying feeling her move all around and I'm enjoying the sleep I'm getting at the moment.

So keep posted for some new pictures and adventures. See you all soon!
Love you
The Maddox Fam

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Jessica said...

Jess - Not to be demanding, but I'd love to see some pics of you & Abby! I love pregnant bellies!