Monday, February 28, 2011

1 wk down!

 1 week down and things are going great - have a mentioned it's b/c my husband is unbelievably amazing!!!  Well, he is!  It's been a lazy week for these two, for the most part they lay around looking like this, all hooked up trying get the yellow away. 
 They both had very high levels of jaundice, which has caused them to be very, very lethargic. They are snapping out of it slowly - and hopefully Jude will start gaining weight, nursing better, and we'll be right on track!

Other than some jaundice, and some fun "light saber" suits as Stephen calls the lights, their doing great!  We are so blessed and over joyed :)  Thanks for all the prayers and love, keep them coming!! :)

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Julie said...

They are just adorable!! Glad to hear you are doing well!