Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome Cecilia Marie and Jude Martin Maddox!!

 So I know my last post said that the twins were coming Monday - but they had a different idea

Mimi and Cecilia
Sunday morning, very early.... ok middle of the night, my water broke!  Thanks so much Lauren and Dan for coming to the rescue!! :)

 After a somewhat short afternoon, Cecilia and Jude were born 1:35 Cecilia and 1:44 Jude
 Jude had a little fluid in his lungs so off they took him to the nursery to get him on some oxygen
 And look only 7 hrs on oxygen and an overnight observation and he was in the room with us!!
 Stephen was so excited!!  The first thing he asked when he first arrived at the hospital on Sunday was where's Jude - so on Monday he was so thrilled when he was in the room with us!
 He just wanted to hold him and hold him and give him some love! :)
 It did take Abby a bit longer to get used to everything, but she's come around
Since we've been home, things have been great!  Alan is amazing and I couldn't do this without him!!  Stephen and Abby seem to be adjusting well.  The twins have some jaundice, but they should only be glow worms for a few days!  :)  keep us in your prayers, and keep updated - it will take me a bit longer to blog these days I can promise you that!!


Elizabeth said...

YEAH!!! Congrats! I have been thinking about and praying for you all. They are beautiful!

Andrea said...

They are so precious!! You make the cutest kids :)

Ashley Knox said...

two words: glow worm

those light sabers are nuts. sorry you are having to deal with that!
all of your kids are cute- I'm enjoying this blog. :)Ash