Saturday, October 10, 2009

No teeth, No problem

I've said to from the moment she was born - she and Stephen are night and day! There's just no doubting that - yes the both cried after birth, but who wouldn't cry if they were taken out of a warm cozy cocoon. I diverse, after that there's just no comparison! Abby has been a power nurser from day one, she would just hang out and chill throughout the days (Stephen had a rough go from the start), and now it comes down to food! I don't want to say that Stephen hates food, but he certainly doesn't love it! I can't get him to eat anything, he won't even think about eating meat -unless it's bacon or peperoni (who wouldn've guessed.) So this past week, once again Stephen wouldn't eat his dinner - spaghetti and meat sauce, and Abby was getting a bit aggravated herself. So as I was tending to Stephen I guess I moved my plate just a bit to close to Abby, and bam she reached out and grabbed a handful of my spaghetti and gobbled it up! I couldn't believe it! So now, I think we're done with baby food. Then again, I'm starting to think Stephen will start eating what's on his plate if Abby's eating it - who knows!

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