Monday, October 26, 2009

Marley's cousin

Have you ever read the book "Marley and Me" - or seen the movie? In my opinion the book is much, much better; but aren't they all. I diverse, Alan and I decided to "listen" to the book on tape before the movie came out last Christmas. We had heard about it and some people had even referred to our dog as Marley so we wanted to know why. Throughout the book, Alan and I would laugh together b/c our Augie wasn't just like Marley, but really the entire book was our story so far....
We were a young married couple, new house, new job for me, a whole world ahead of us. Our one desire was to have children and raise them for Christ - I never wanted a dog! We always had dogs growing up; well I should say my brother and sister always had dogs growing up; I had cats. I love dogs, but I know how much of a responsibility they are!!!! So Alan started talking about dogs right after we got married. Then the subject was taken off the table in my mind.....we got pregnant!
8 weeks along I had a miscarriage and we headed off to Atlanta for a weekend away with dear friends. I love these people with all my heart - but what happened that weekend changed our lives forever....Stephany and Mack are dog lovers!! They have two dogs - buddy and Wiley (there are some good stories about me and Wiley, but those are for another day). I remember it so clearly, we were sitting at their kitchen table talking about dogs - Alan was saying how much he wanted a lab and I said no way! Then Stephy chimed in, and went on and on and on about how dogs are great, we should get one, we will want one when we have kids - so forth and so on

The next weekend we were out looking for dogs; not any dog - a yellow Lab that looked white. Alan saw an add in the paper and we headed to Mississippi to find our new dog. I thought we were just looking; little did I know Alan had the cash in his pocket to walk away with a new little puppy! I have to admit; I was sold the second I saw these cute little cuddly puppies!!!!! Alan took his time, picking the perfect one........
I would like to introduce you to Marley's cousin - Augie! Now I do love this dog, but from day 2 (b/c I was so in love and he was in such shock on day 1 no one saw what was to come) this dog has caused me stress! You name it, he ate it; peed on it, licked it.... and still does. Lab's are very hyper dogs, that don't grow out of it until 2 or 3 yrs (something Stephy and Alan forgot to mention to me). Have I also mentioned we don't have a backyard?
Well it's been 3 years and Augie has calmed down - I still scream his name multiple times a day (If I ever talk to you on the phone you know that!) He has an obsession with baby socks; and now that's it's getting cold I could really use the ones he's eaten.

But I don't want to fool you to much, I do love this dog! His beauty saves him! And the fact that if you ever want a dog that's good with children a lab is the way to go! Augie was a little curious when Stephen first came home, but he never hurt him! He knew from the first moment that he saw Stephen that there was something special about him and that it was his job to now protect him - he also wanted to know what little babies taste like when they're licked; still does to be honest! So this morning I had to say goodbye - except Alan left before I was done feeding Abby so I didn't get to. Since the house is going on the market by the end of the week we decided that Augie shouldn't be here while we try and sell it. To much hair, mess, all that plus tax. So Alan's mom so graciously is letting him stay with her - hopefully it won't have to be to long. Thank you so much Shirley!
But it is a bit sad for me; when I came down stairs hoping to see him waiting at the door for me, he wasn't - he will never sleep at this house again.....I have many moments of dislike for this dog, but right now I miss him already!

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Catholic Mommy to from home said...

Sorry Jess! I am sure the peace and quiet will be a small price to pay for all the missing your going to be doing. I myself think choas and noise is way more fun!