Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great theory

My mother is a very, very creative and artsy woman - I only wish I had an once of her creativity! So when she called me and was like - bring the kids over, we'll eat pizza and carve pumpkins; I jumped on the idea. First pizza is one of the very few foods that Stephen will eat, second Abby will eat anything, and third....I don't think there's a third Off we went; Alan worked late :( So it was just me and the kids off to have some serious fun at Mimi's house
Things seemed to be going good at this moment; Stephen had shown some dislike to the inside of the pumpkin by immediately saying "that's icky mama, that's poo poo" We thought that was a funny thought and tried to explain to him that it was seeds.......
Then he started making these faces......laughing stopped, clean up began; Stephan has a weak stomach
The moral of the story; pizza + icky pumpkin + a 2 yr old fireman = a big clean up! God Bless!

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