Monday, October 12, 2009

The Mem

I would like to introduce to you my Grandmother, known to most as Memere. This is an amazing woman, and this post is for her. My Memere is 87 years old an in those 87 years she raised 10 children, has 13 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren (#8, 7 days past due), and she is still traveling around the country! This is truly a Strong, beautiful, faithful woman! And now she is back in Alabama. After leaving here in May she traveled to Indiana, then New Hampshire, Rhode Island, back to New Hampshire, and now here - all trips to visit children and grandchildren, and of course great grandchildren!

Some fun facts: out of 7 births she never once made it to the delivery room!! One birth, my grandfather didn't even know she was in labor until the baby was born! She has been in town for both of my children's births (leaving two days after Stephen was born). And well, I love her very much! :) I can't say enough about her, but I can say this is a woman I want to be like one day; she raised 10 children all together and loved all of them with all of her heart, taught them about Christ, The Church, has spent the last part of her life doing all she can to spend time with her grand and great grand children, loves Our Lord and you can see that in all she does!

So thank you Memere for coming back down here to be with us, I am so grateful that my children will know you, and always have memories of you!

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