Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last day until the unveiling of the house

So today's the last major day of work on the house! Most if not all projects are done as of now; but the clean up must begin! Here are some teasers for you - say a prayer that I can finish my coffee, get off the computer, and start getting this house looking nice! I have one day until the Realtor is here to take pictures and put this sucker on the market!! That's right everyone it's happening tomorrow weather we want it or not!
we want it of course! (these first pictures were uploaded backwards, this is the after)

So I was so excited before I went to bed - the last bit of paint had been put on the walls; I even learned how to caulk (s/p) around the tub and make the spare bathroom look a little nicer (not the best room in the house, but we are so done with remodeling!) I even touched up that nasty backyard and it actually looks really nice, I want to go out there and drink my coffee....instead I'll have a beer out there tonight! So all that done, and guess what - I woke up this morning and walked downstairs and the light over the sink decides to fall. Well, the cover over the light falls, but won't go back up - I AM NOT SPENDING ANY MORE MONEY ON THIS HOUSE! So we'll see how we can fix that today!
Keep us in your prayers, and keep posted for the unveiling of the house!

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