Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet Walker and Sophie

Alan's mom is off on a cruise! So fun! So we have headed to the Cleave - Vancleave that is. We're dog sitting, and since Alan's mom has a huge yard, we're staying here for a few days; everyone is having a blast - and I haven't seen Augie sleep so much since he was a puppy!! While we are here we stopped by to visit The Lyons' family - Trisha and Alan have known each other since Kindergarten - they were actually the homecoming prince and princess of Vancleave Elementary in 2nd grade! :) So cute!! Anyways, Stephen meet them when I was in Colorado and now when we head this direction he says in such a cute little 2year old way "I wanna see Walker and Sophie." So here's Walker and Sophie!
Abby had a blast too!

Stephen and Walker hit it off so well, I can't get over it! I actually couldn't find the road they lived on, and when I did I said to myself "I think this is it" and Stephen immediately said "yes it is mama." Then when he got out of the truck he went straight to their playroom and didn't stop until we left a few hours later! We all had such a blast!

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