Monday, October 5, 2009

Ahhh, the bathroom.....99.9% DONE!

Yes, the master bathroom, many of you have heard of it - other's have spoken about it; and now I'm hear to say - it's done; well 99.9% of it is at least. All that is left is to paint the ceiling, which Alan will do very soon! I
Would like to say that this bathroom has been finished for about a month now - well done Alan!
This wonderful bathroom has been in progress for a while - but I am a very proud wife to say that Alan did most of it himself! Thank you to those who helped out!!! I can now sit and enjoy a nice bath or well just use it to be honest with you and I am loving it - now can we move? :)
So why did it take all of Stephen's lifetime to fix the bathroom - well I should start by saying that it didn't get fixed; it was remodeled!

We'll start with the bath, it was a nice shallow garden tub that had an awkward step up to it - so it was removed and new tub put in it's place with an nice shelf for my wine :)
The shower was smaller and had a complete wall in between it and the tub, that wall was demolished and rebuilt with an opening so we could have more light. The shower was completely tiled, so were the floors, and the walls around the tub! Then of course new custom glass was put in the shower! We updated most of the fixtures and of course added a light in the shower. So forth and so on.

Let's just say I am a very happy woman, and love my bathroom! Thank you darling!!

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