Monday, November 30, 2009

Life long friendships

I most certainly have some amazing life long friendships - one started in 6th grade with soccer, some started in high school, others in college, we can't forget FOCUS, and now some amazing friends after marriage! But I can honestly say I do not have any friends that I've known since Kindergarten! Alan on the other hand does! Well the guy above is considered the new friend (he moved to Vancleave in 6th grade). It is an amazing experience for me to see him with these life long friends, guys and gals that he's known his entire life, roomed with in college, they were all in our wedding, I am just amazed! And now they all have families!
Since those who lived out of town (most have moved back to the coast) where home for Thanksgiving we decided to get together, and it was a blast!
we started off at Uncle CC's for the big game - go State! Then after a very eventful afternoon we headed over to Trisha's (remember Walker and Sophie?) house in Alan's old neighborhood for some more playtime and fun time!! I hope my children have the same friendships as Alan does! :)

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