Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Favorite Thanksgiving memory.......

It's funny how ever since I met Alan most of my "favorite" memories have changed. Now they are filled with him and our two amazing children! But to pick out one from BA (before Alan) I would have to choose Thanksgivings at my cousin Carl's house! There's just nothing like it at all! Carl is my mother's first cousin, life long buddies, and hilarious stories to prove it! When I was little we lived closer to them so we would head over to St. Louis for a fun filled trip to hang out with my cousins; I love those memories - and I can say that my love for Crab legs stems from these trips! Carl has a legendary crab dinner the night before Thanksgiving, I still miss it!
We are of course invited every year, and now the house is filled with Carl's grand kids, which at this time are the closest cousins in age to my children (one being my god child!) I love and miss them, wish we could see them more then we do! But now our Thanksgivings will be filled with making new memories with our beautiful children and their grand parents! :)
So what's your favorite Thanksgiving memory? Do you have a funny story, a particular place that your family always goes, or maybe a funny dish that your family always eats? Please share! I will post some randomly chosen entries this week to share for all!

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