Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That pesky time change

There are things in this world that I love and things that I hate... ok, mommy correction, things that I strongly dislike! I love chocolate, I love my Catholic faith, I love my children and my husband, and I love halloween costumes that are 90% off! I mean seriously pure fun for a little kid for only $1.20! You just can't go wrong with that! I strongly dislike snakes (actually I do hate them), being hit in the head, and the time change!
Why can't my kids get the memo that the time has changed - I mean I keep them up as late as possible to get them back on a schedule and like clock work - Abby is now up at 5:30am and Stephen at 6, if I'm lucky 6:30am. The major problem with that is that that is my coffee time, my blogging time, my Pioneer Woman time - sometimes if I'm lucky my running time
And yet no matter how hard I try this little one wants to wake up with the sun; take a nap by 8am, another nap in the afternoon, and then fall asleep right before dinner! This is not working!!!!
So forgive me if my blogging is not as on top of it as it once was - love you all!


Catholic Mommy to Five..fun from home said...

Love the picture of Abby sleeping on the floor. I have never seen my kids fall asleep on a floor in the middle of our home. I have seen about 1 million nap times all together and never has that happened to us. You must have a very peaceful home....what a lucky little girl. And my heart goes out to you on the whole "fall back" issue!

Jmaddox said...

Ok, so I can actually say this picture is a bit staged! :) She fell asleep on me nursing and b/c I didn't want her to nap long or really peacfully, I placed her on the floor - but she must have liked all that noise b/c she slept so well! LOL - She has however fallen asleep in her highchair!! I couldn't believe that one