Friday, November 13, 2009

Save the date - May 2030?

To say that we are somewhat hopeful that Stephen and Emma will fall madly in love with each other and raise an awesome Catholic family would be well.... the truth! Of course we would be as equally pleased if Stephen was called to the priesthood, but that's not what this post is about - it's about these two :) I know it's just young, childlike, Innocent, friendship but sometimes it feels like more! We love the Johnson family so much (Dan and Lauren are Abby's godparents!) And if Emma turns out to be anything like her Mama, and you know she will, then we want Stephen to marry her! :) No pressure of course!
When they haven't seen each other for awhile (a day or so is a while for them) their faces light up with so much joy and they giggle and run to each other for hugs. It's just to cute for words!
I honestly don't want there to ever be any pressure on either one of them to get married, we like to joke around, if it's God's will it will be! I do pray though, that their friendship continues to grow for the rest of their lives and they call each other closer to Christ in all that they do!

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