Thursday, November 5, 2009

My amazing husband has turned another year older - Happy Birthday Alan; technically his birthday was Tuesday....better late then never to wish him a cyber birthday wish. So what better than a three layered carrot cake made by yours truly and some fun and entertaining dinner conversation?
Our dinner consisted of just that - laughing, loving, and then laughing again. My favorite story is of Stephen; I've told this ten thousand times, but here it goes again - bear with me:)
Stephen has a tendency to want to go potty at Mass; almost everyday he says "mama, I gotta go potty" sometimes I feel like he's being sincere and I take him, and out of those sometimes, twice he has actually gone poo-poo on the potty at Mass! Yippee!!! Well, the other day we were home and he said "mama I gotta go potty" so we headed to the bathroom and I sat him on the toilet, he then looked up and told me he didn't have to go, and he wanted to flush the toilet (of course!) But I reminded him that he just said he had to go and maybe he should try again - he looked at me and said "no mama, I only poo-poo at Jesus' house." I love that kid!

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