Thursday, April 1, 2010

What could a puppy really do????

There we were, driving across the bay to my parent's house. Our new little puppy sleeping in my lap; but what were we going to name him? Our first test as a married couple at naming something, and we wanted it to count, we wanted our new little dog to have a name with a purpose - so Augustine it was; Auggie for short. Little did we know that he would have the personality of St. Augustine as a young man.... I mean really, what could this small, cute as a button little puppy really do?? Did you know that dogs teeth?? I didn't, I didn't know anything - until my little hands were raw and EVERY shoe I owned had been destroyed...uhhhhhhhhhh
But the real entertainment comes later on in Auggie's life when he really gets a personality. Did I mention that Auggie was our little training ground for having kids? Well he was, we've learned very valuable lessons from this dog. 1) Don't do anything in your home, you wouldn't want your dog to do at someone's else's home!!! We still had very little furniture in our over sized living room, so we saw no harm in throwing a ball around for little Auggie, it was so cute - he even learned to jump over the couch........
On a weekend after Thanksgiving, we headed over to visit my parent's; somewhat innocent except we brought Auggie. Since my mother was trying to decorate the house for Christmas, things were everywhere; so we wanted to help her out. I believe it was my brother who threw something to Alan - Auggie thought it was a ball, I heard a gasp, turned and saw Auggie's legs in the air and going over the couch, then he started to land a little short and on the couch before I knew it an entire box of glass Christmas ball's were flying through the air and crashing on the ground. I couldn't stop laughing, it took my mom however a little longer to laugh about it, and even longer to invite Auggie back over

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