Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No pictures of mama....

After going through some pictures and looking at the blog I realized that there really aren't that many pictures of me. Not that it's really Alan's fault at all - I'm the one with the photography hobby - not skill, just hobby. So I'm the one that got the fancy camera, that makes it a little bit difficult for Alan to lug around when it's just him and the kids. What did I do? I used the great excuse that Alan needed a new camera for his upcoming fly fishing trip - b/c he isn't taking mine on a canoe. So I went out and bought him his very own point and shoot - then I left town for two days.
And there you go, he loves it! Easy to carry around, and did you notice the picture of me as I was leaving his mama's house for my trip?

He thinks I bought if for him, all for him so that he could take fun pictures on his trip. Little did he know it was really all about me :)


Libby said...

Jessica, you really do have a knack for taking great pictures! I love looking at them. Also, I can't get over how RED Stephen's hair is!!!!!!

WeMo Momma said...

A beautiful momma with some beautiful babies!