Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fountains, fishing, and family!

Ok, Ok, I know; it's been a while since I've posted. But in my defense, we've been out of town and the Internet was down where we were.... please forgive me :) See it's summer around here, and that means some much needed relief for mama and kiddos - b/c it's fun in the sun!! And as you can tell, Stephen can have fun everywhere he goes!
So off we went (a few weeks ago...... I'm a little behind) to the fountains for the first time this season, and Abby loved it!!
It's always, fun, but so much more fun with friends - ahhhhh my womb, I mean look at these cuties!
The day we headed over to the fountains my dear, wonderful husband headed off on a five day fishing trip with his childhood friend Todd. Alan needed to get away from the office, but I still can't figure out how getting on a river can take your mind off building ships?? Just kidding!
For real though, Alan's been working so much he needed a much much deserved break, and though I would have loved going - my family was in town, and sorry Todd but I kinda love them more ;)
Wow, this is a long post - I'll try not to leave you guys hanging for a few weeks next time, but at least I'm not going into agonizing detail on how I got sick, and the dentist....
So the weekend that Alan heading north, was also the Dauphin Island Regatta, an awesome sail boat race to - you guessed it Dauphin Island. My entire family tries to come down every year, and we have a blast. This year it rained and the race was moved to Sunday.....
To be honest, that was the best case scenario for me! I got to spend the entire day Saturday with my siblings and parents and friends, vs. waiting for them to sail into the island then heading home b/c my little ones where tired. But please don't tell them I was happy for the rain :)

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Henry's Mom said...

Love the pix! Specially the one where Abby is on the Wii Fit Board & looking totally into it LOL!!!