Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two shall become three

There we were, newlyweds, basking in the glow of marriage; I know you know what happens when you bask in the glow of marriage..... we got pregnant! Our first pregnancy, we were so excited. We hadn't even unpacked all my things from moving in, and our wedding presents were still spread all over the living room - which we had no furniture to fill, so we used it as a gift sorting, thank you writing room. I digress - there we were, pregnant. Then like so many pregnancy's we suffered our first miscarage.
We didn't run off and buy a puppy to fill a void, instead we ran off to Atlanta to try and get away for a few days, enjoy some time, and beer with one of my dearest friends.......they are dog lovers!!! For some reason or another the conversation would turn to their dogs, and how much they loved them.....and Alan persisted how much he wanted a puppy oh a sweet puppy. I stood firm - no way were we getting a puppy
Then one week later, still unpacking, Alan walks up to me holding this really old book - "how to train your Labrador retriever" He held it with a very pathetic look, and said "I've had this book since I was a little boy, just hoping and waiting until I could have my very own yard with my own Lab" I melted, I mean what did I know about anything, I'd never had a dog before - so to please my sweet wonderful husband I told him he could get a puppy.
He was on the phone within the hour and we were off to some farm in Mississippi in search for the perfect puppy. I mean really how can you tell what a perfect puppy is?? Alan said he wanted one that stood out from the rest, one that wasn't afraid of the others...... ummmmm, what were we thinking!
Alan took his time, walked around all the puppies watched them for that specific characteristic that he was after; then picked one. I grabbed him, again melted, put him in my lap and he slept on me the entire way home.

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