Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The other member

Ahhh, Augie - I haven't blogged about him in awhile. Usually you just see him in the foreground of a picture, either eating something or licking somebody. If we speak on the phone, then you most likely hear me yelling at him! He's the "other" member of the family. It's really a love hate relationship, I love to hate him! I often say the only thing he has going for him is his good looks....... but sometimes it's more then just that.
When we first put our house on the market you might remember we sent him away; while he was gone I realized that my kids are messy! So I love him not only for his good looks, but also for his amazing food cleaning up skills - b/c dog hair is messy, but it doesn't stick on the floors like food!!
So here's to Augie, who at this present moment is barking his head off b/c I won't let him in so that my children can eat a snack in peace.....ahhhhhhhhh

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Jessica said...


I am LOVING your pictures! You are really doing great things with that camera!