Monday, March 22, 2010

Nine years sore body!

It's been nine year since my last college soccer, nine years! I still can't believe it. So this past Saturday I jumped at the chance to head back to Troy to play in an Alumni game. I got there and realized that the alumni would be playing the actual team....... I got a little nervous. Then I saw a much younger girl warming up in goal - I was relived that I would not have to play in goal; but then again - I'm not a field player

I had a great time laughing at myself with my old roommate Jen; I love this girl and miss her so much! It was old times for sure, the best was watching our children playing together - I guess that means we've grown up

Then the alumni played each other; which meant that this almost 30 yr old body, mother of two, who hasn't thrown herself on the ground in over 4 years had to play in goal (see Jen, I think she's laughing at me, knowing I'm going to hurt for diving on the ground)

I was a little tired

But I had a blast! Did I mention I was the oldest alumni on the field??? Hahahahaha, it was pure entertainment for all to enjoy!

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