Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little inspiration

I'm not exactly sure what it is, but something has caused me to think about my time in FOCUS. It might be that this past January marks the first National Conference that I've missed since 2003, but that's just a guess ;) Over 3500 college students came together in Orlando FL to praise Christ and His Church! How amazing, how inspirational, I'm in awe!!! Take a quick moment and watch the video above of this post, it will inspire you, this is the next generation and Thank God they are stepping up! For those of you who don't know much about me, I was blessed to be a missionary for The Fellowship of Catholic University Students. I served 3yrs, 1 at the Air Force Academy and 2 at our National Headquarters and The University of Northern Colorado.
It was such an amazing experience for me, and I wasn't trying to do it for me - but through those three years I came to know Christ and His Church more than I realized I could! I also got the chance to meet and become friends with some of the holiest people I know, women who taught me what it is to truly be a woman, what it means to truly love, and how to give love.
My students, disciples, peers all taught me the Love of Jesus! They are amazing people who have taken their experiences and have continued to spread the Gospel in all that they do
I miss them all, every single person I encountered taught me something, and I hope and pray that through God I was able to be an instrument in some form to them also. If nothing else, my time as a missionary formed into the woman that Alan fell in love with, and the woman that is raising these two amazing children of mine!
Praise be to God for all those who traveled to Orlando, please pray for all college students, that their hearts may be open to Christ and that they may come to truly know Him and love Him and His Church!


Julie said...

You are such a beautiful woman, Jessica!! I miss all of the retreats and summer training with such great people truly seeking holiness. I miss my time and students on campus, but I really miss that genuine fellowship and friendships.

Mama Cass said...

Friend...It's been too long. Can I say you are the coolest for having the FOCUS NC 10 video on your blog! You were sorely missed this year by the CASSIDY's! I hope you are well, you look great, and you are in my prayers crazy lady!

Diana Cassidy

p.s. Your post is like a blast to the past.