Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who Dat???

A little background for you - I've lived in a lot of places; not as much as some, but compared to Alan I have! So when it comes to football I've always rooted for whatever team was from one of the towns I lived in (Except the Bronco's I never liked them at all!) - sorry Nikki But Alan, nope this guys been a die hard Saints fan since he came out of the womb - it's like a drug on the coast, especially where he comes from. So this season has been one amazing ride for Alan!
I can honestly say that one day during a game Stephen yelled out Who Dat? and I said - Alan why does he keep saying that? I never knew that was a common War cry for the Saints, but it is, and my boys scream it often! And now were going to Super bowl!!! (Well, the saints are) So this Super Bowl, instead of rooting for the Colts (I was born in Indy) I will stay true to my husband and cheer for the Saints all the way!! Sorry Payton :(

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