Sunday, January 24, 2010

A great weekend!

It has been such a great weekend! I have to say, it's hard having the house on the market, but there is something so wonderful about looking at Alan and saying - "the house is clean, there's nothing for you to work on, why don't we do something!" That's something that for a few years that just couldn't be said - not that I didn't have the house clean, but there were so many projects and the statement "we have to work on the house" was often said.
But now, the house is done, and it's best for us to stay out of it as much as possible - so weekend fun here we come!

A day on the coast, hiking, playing, now that was a great day! :)


Catholic Mommy to from home said...

I want to come on some of these fun family trips. When can we come join you?

Jmaddox said...

You are always welcome! I would love to go back down to the park for a fun little hike/walk with the kiddos and a picnic. :)