Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swimming with snowbirds

As many of you know we spent a wonderful, relaxing week at the beach after Christmas! We had so much fun, and let me tell you Stephen had the time of his life! So why is he so joyful here?? Well, Stephen has learned to swim! That's right, he can officially swim under water to us, and get his head above water to breath!! We are so proud of him, and as you can tell he is rather proud of himself! :)
Everyday at least twice a day we were down at the pool enjoying the warm water and the random snowbirds.
I just kept thinking to myself, I am actually going to miss our neighborhood pool when we move, b/c I know how much Stephen loves swimming, but I'm sure I can convince Alan at some point that we will need our own pool :)
I keep looking back at these pictures and thinking to myself how amazing it is that Stephen is growing up so quickly and becoming such a big boy right before my eyes! I just can't get over it, he is such an amazing little boy, that was just a baby a few months ago - God is amazing!
Just a side note - I also would like to convince Alan to get an indoor pool (although I know that will never happen) b/c after all that swimming all day I honestly don't remember Stephen having enough energy to throw a temper-tantrum! I guess we'll just have to start running laps together! :) Stephen saying buy, buy to his new snowbird buddy!

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