Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The gift of family

Family is an amazing gift!  I miss my family, I miss my brother and sister who've moved away, I miss my cousins, I miss Alan's family, I love love love living near grandparents though.  
So while I was away at my Memere's funeral, I mentioned to my cousin Jim that his kids should come for a visit.  I was so excited when I got a text asking if I was serious.
Plans were made and the whole family came down!  
The point is, that this is how memories are made.  This is how bonds are formed.  Cecilia and Jude won't remember this, but Stephen will and maybe Abby.
Shannon and Daniel (pictured above) right after their baby sister Grace was born (also pictured above)
See, we get so busy "making plans" for little things, over scheduling ourselves, and we stop making plans for people.
Holding baby Grace during my graduation trip up north :)  So cute!!
God calls us to be people oriented, not project oriented, and I know that I have fallen way to many times into the project oriented category.  
I fall into that during small moments in my day when I have a two year old crying to be held and all I want to do is finish one thing!!  But she doesn't care about that one thing.  I fall into project orientated in big moments too when I don't make time for extended family, or close family that takes time (and money) to plan out a trip and see.
Then I'm reminded that I never lived "near" cousins either.  My parents made a point to take us to family, or have family over.  Are we doing that enough?  Will my kids know their cousins?
So my goal over the next year (and hopefully a change in my entire mindset) is to become more people oriented.  
First with my family, realizing more and more that they are such a gift and miracle from God and they won't always be pulling on me to hold them.  Second, I want to take more time to see family.  I want my children to have the same awesome memories I have.  
I want them to know where they come from, and who they can turn to!
I know that I won't always be able to take a trip and see people, but I can make a better effort!
The biggest thing for me is that I want my children to "see" people, truly know them, have a connection. 
In such a digital world it is getting easier and easier to just text, look on facebook, or read a blog and be caught up with a certain amount of someones life.  I know that is not the relationships God wants us to have, I know that's not how you truly grow with someone.  
This summer has been such a gift, seeing family, friends that are as close as family, and making memories.  May the rest of the year be built around relationships, first and foremost with our Lord and His Church.

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Jenny said...

I love all the sweaty kids photos. That's how kids should look during the summer right!

Your header picture of the bubbles is neat.

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