Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer flies when you're having fun!!!

 I have to be honest and tell you that since my last post things have been so busy around here, I haven't even sat down and read anyone else's blog!  I mean crazy, awesome, fun, busy!
 After my last post I ran off to GA with all the kids and my parents for my Uncle's funeral.  He was a great man, and is missed by all who knew him! 
 Alan helped me out big time while I was gone and transformed the kids rooms!  We now have a boys room and girls room (I have to show pics of the girls bunk bed!!)  That's right, for the first time in 6 1/2 years we are crib free..... feels weird!
 I have so much to post about!  When I got home we had company and then some more company!  It was awesome, my house feels so empty and lonely right now; even more so that Stephen started school yesterday :(

So that's it for now, just a quick recap and excuse to show these cute pics!  I will be back really soon with pics and stories for all!!  God Bless!

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