Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh, my delusions of summer!

As school came to an end last year, I sat back and played the many "lazy" days we would have through my head.
I thought of late mornings, sipping coffee, riding bikes, picking flowers, and catching lightning bugs.
I even went so far in my thoughts to plan a schedule, how the day was going to pass.  You know, keep these awesome kids busy, reading, painting, cleaning, so that in the midst of our lazy summer they wouldn't get "board".
Well, I'm delusional!
We had a few laid back days, but not many..... don't get me wrong, I would much rather be going and going making memories with these precious babies than sitting around stopping fights and picking up one toy, a shoe, changing a diaper, stepping on something gooey, picking up anther toy, wiping something up, filling up a cup, making a snack....picking up a toy... (ok, enough Jess, they get it!) :)
I just laugh at myself for thinking things would be the way they were when Stephen wasn't in school.
And that my friends is the difference!  Now I know why so many people are busy over the summer, they're not held back by the schedules of school.  There is a freedom with summer, and I love it! If I wanted to go to my parents for the ENTIRE day, I could.  If we wanted to go camping and leave Thursday......we could!  If friends or family wanted to come visit during the middle of the got it my dear readers...THEY COULD!
What does all of this mean?  I'm not sure, but I know that my house needs a serious deep clean, and I haven't left it since Mass on Sunday.  Lazy school days maybe??  We'll see :)

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