Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The start of school.......I think I'm a little late on this one!

Wow, that took over a month for me to finally post about school.  If you can tell from the pictures, Stephen wasn't thrilled about his first day, and maybe that's why I haven't rushed to my computer to share it with all of you. :)
 My sweet readers, all 3 of you, I'm kind of a big deal to this kid!  And let's face it, we have a pretty fun crowd at our house these days.  Then I'll add that last year was a bit hard for him, and I know that on that first day he had anxiety. :(  SIX YEAR OLD'S SHOULD NOT HAVE ANXIETY ABOUT SCHOOL!!!!  (my opinion on that will have to wait, or never come up again!)  All that being said, things are better!  We are well into school and Stephen seems to be thriving.  I'm not saying he jumps out of bed in the morning and rushes out the door; then again if you saw me waking you up, you would put the covers back over your face and hide too :)

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Henry's Mom said...

Those pictures broke my heart :(
Glad the year is starting off better for him now. I can only imagine how hard it was to watch as his Mama!
Will be praying this school year is a great one.