Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our little Abby

 I would like to take a minute out of our regularly scheduled program to say I love Abby!  I love all my children too! :)  We have been blessed beyond understanding and everyday I am reminded of that!
I love sharing small and big moments with all my children, but today I want to share Abby's with you.  Abby is our little soccer star at the moment, and I love being able to be her coach and spend that extra special time with her.  I love, love, love coaching this age too!!!  There's nothing better than a bunch of 4 & 5 yr old's running in circles chasing the ball.  At one moment we had three, of our six players, sitting out (I think Abby had actually made it to the bench to be with her grandparents), and one of the three left on the field was attached to my leg....I guess he could tell I like kids.

Anyways, the adventures of activities has hit the Maddox house, though we are striving to not "over schedule" our children or family, we do want to give them all a chance to find something that they thrive in.  So this year we'll start with soccer for Miss Abby.  And of course you know I don't mind that at all!!

Ok, I couldn't help adding this one too :)  My cute crew at a Cub Scout activity :)  (they are in a window seal, and yes Jude is about to jump!) haha

Have a great weekend!

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Lauren said...

When did Abby grow up?! love that girl!