Saturday, February 20, 2010

yummy Cinnamon rolls!

So I know I've talked about the Pioneer Woman in the past; so I won't go into the details of how I (and thousands) stalk her daily. I love her blog - it inspires me to cook, and if you know me you know that's a miracle in itself! She's totally into photography, one of my favorite hobbies, and so on and so forth.... So for Christmas my wonderful husband got me her new cookbook - I LOVE IT!! This week alone I've made fried chicken from scratch and now Cinnamon rolls from scratch!!!
I've been preparing, thinking, and sometimes praying about this recipe, I was intimidated; still am to be honest with you. But this morning, there were no more excuses - I had all the ingredients, and Alan was dreaming about them all night long. So b/c I like to do things the hard way, I wanted to make it in one sitting and ready for breakfast - so 5am I began.......
And in the end, success!! Now the second log was much "neater" looking, and I'm sure just as yummy!!
Enjoy salivating!!!

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