Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our snow day

The title should be read with a sarcastic tone; we were promised at least 1 inch of snow, 2-4 possible. All schools closed, all county offices closed, warnings to not go out driving - the talk of black ice............ Well, as you can imagine they were wrong! I was very depressed about it to be honest with you. I had visions of making a snow man with Stephen, finding a fun hill and sledding. But it just didn't happen.
Now in the weather man's defense, it did snow just north of us - and I mean just 15 miles north (still in their viewing area) and it snowed a good couple inches...... I'm jealous! Stephen didn't know the difference, he still had fun playing with the really wet snow on daddy's truck.
Abby enjoyed the fresh air too - she enjoys everything! :) So next winter, we're off to Colorado for my dear friend Nikki's wedding, and it better snow there!!!!!

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