Friday, May 31, 2013

A surprised blast from the past!

At the beginning of the May we were blessed with a great visit from a dear friend
That visit turned into a wonderful, last minute reunion with some amazing women.  I love when this happens, I have made some great friends here in Mississippi, but watching my children play with the very same children they've played with since birth, gone to Mass with, prayed with, well that's pretty neat.  Especially when we thought we would possibly never see a handful of them again.  
I could go on and on, but the biggest thing I feel I want to share is this:
There will hopefully be some vocations, religious, holy marriages, and by the Grace of God saints in this group(and this is only four families, and not even all of them)  That is amazing!  Living in Mobile was such a gift for me as a young mother, I was able to surround myself around women who spent their lives striving for holiness.  I watched them, sat in their kitchens, absorbed them, and learned so much- what it means to be a Catholic mom.  
I also know that it is not easy to make friends, good, true friends; whether your a child but more especially as an adult.  I have been blessed.  In Mobile I met and made some amazing friends, and now in Mississippi I have become apart of some amazing families.  God is soooo good!
So embrace those that are in your lives now, and prepare for those that God will place in your life today or tomorrow.  You never know what God has in store for that relationship!
Happy Summer!

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The Little House That Grew said...

We loved every minute ... Now and then.