Monday, June 10, 2013

The gift of summer

 There is such a beauty about summer, longer days, the smell of chlorine, and tons of ice cream!
 I can tell you as a fact, we are making the most of this summer.  Having Stephen at school this past year has made this summer just a little bit more special.  I love having all my babies home, I love letting them stay in their pj's just a little longer, and I love, love, love, not having to rush home to get Stephen off the bus. (b/c he's already with me of course!)
So what I thought was going to be a very lazy summer, full of playing and eating ice pops, has actually turned into a very, very, full yet fun summer.  Once again please excuse the lack of blogging, summer is calling and this family is out and about camping, swimming, playing, and hanging out together!

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