Monday, May 20, 2013

"May" the force be with me!

 So that was a really bad play on words, but May is the busiest month of the year around here!  This family has been blessed with so many things to celebrate this month, so excuse me for my lack of blogging (or trying to stuff as many things into one post as possible).  This month Alan and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary!  The day after celebrating mothers day at our house with my children's amazing grandmothers (no pictures there I was to busy sitting down and enjoying the day!).  
And though this post is really going to be about Stephen's 6th birthday extravaganza I had to point out my sillines.  See when picking out outfits for special days, that I might actually get a picture taken of me, I should choose different outfits.  That's right folks, not just the same shirt or shorts or even shoes in this pics, the same entire ensable.  But to be fair, that shirt is sooooo cool - and our anniversary and Stephen's birthday were hot and I didn't want to be uncomfortable!  That being said, here is the evidence for the entire world!
 See after 7yrs of marriage Alan and I finally took an entire day for a date!  longest time alone together since Stephen was born!  We left after the school bus took Stephen away and returned home to tuck everyone in bed and kiss them goodnight. It was a beautiful day in Louisiana!  We visited Oak Alley Plantation, then spent the afternoon walking around New Orleans.  Thank you Alan!  
 I like that outfit Jess!
 So my sweet Stephen turned 6 Saturday!!  I can't believe it!!!
 And we had a blast!!  I've mentioned before that without Pintrest I would not be a creative person.... well this party is the proof!
 These cookies were the inspiration for the entire party.  Yes, Stephen loves Star Wars.  My brother actually "gave" Stephen these cookie cutters a few years ago - I looked at them and laughed!  I knew there was no way I would ever be able to do it!  But Valentines day, with the help of my dear friend Trish (who shared her mother's famous sugar cookie recipe with me) I had the confidence to do a test run!  Well, they were great then and I decided then and there Stephen was having a Star Wars birthday whether he liked it or not!
 So idea in mind I searched good ole pintrest and lo and behold there are some craft moms out there with some really cute ideas!  I couldn't help myself when I saw these "light saber's"  soo stinkin cute!!  I found these here

 This, and a few other activities, were brought to you from Kara's creative Place.
 The kids had a blast, and so did I!  Our little Jedi training camp was absolute success   Alan was a huge help, he made all the Light Sabers! Thanks again daddy!!  

 Even the littlest Jedi had fun!   Of course, how could you not have fun with light sabers you are actually aloud to hit someone with! :)
Now that I have procrastinated enough this morning, I should really get dressed and make sandwiches for Stephen's awards celebration and brunch....that's in an hour :)  Happy May!  There's still more celebrations for this family (my birthday of course!)  haha!  

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Rosie said...

I love Pinterest, too...especially since I have no natural creativity of my own buuuuut, I can copy other people pretty well :). The party turned out so cool!