Monday, October 29, 2012

13.1 down..... now what?

 So I did it!! I still can't believe it, but by the pain in my thighs I know I ran 13.1 and I ran it hard!  I'm not going to go through the play by play, but I want to, but I won't :)  It was just an amazing experience. I was so happy that all my kids where there - we don't have a lot of pictures, but if it was between Alan having his hands on the camera concentrating on me or having the four little ones there, I totally choose the little ones!
 My brother, his wife and my nephew made the hike over from Huntsville - that was amazing!!! 
So here are the highlights. 
 On the way to race Stephen decided it was the perfect time to sing his favorite song.  He wrote it.  He loves it.  It's a rock song.  It goes a little something like this: ( please sing in a very loud hard rock melody) " Rock down in the Raaace" say that over and over and there is his song :)
I actually ran into an old Troy teammate at the starting line. Haha, what a small world!
Seeing my sweet family cheering for me and screaming "go mommy" as I started!  It was cold and there were a lot of people there!!  Not to many little ones that early
The last two miles was the hardest!!! Ahhhh, that last mile had the worst hills and I thought my legs would stop moving - they didn't, thank God!
As I approached the finish line I heard my sweet family, that was amazing!  I looked up and saw my sweet babies, hubby, brother, sis-in-law, and oh so cute nephew.  That took my breath away!! 
As the race began they announced Team John.  John was the "named" runner for the run.  He is a young boy, around 8ish, who is a UCP child.  The team was about 20 men and women who alternated pushing him in a jogger the entire 13.1!!  They announced the team and I had seen them earlier, and I just started to cry.  I think all the emotion and work and Cecilia just flooded me.  I was standing next to my old team mate and honestly I'm so glad it was someone I knew so people didn't think I was crazy.  
But I wanted to say thank you again, b/c those tears weren't just b/c I am an emotional wreak.  It was b/c I knew I wasn't standing at that starting line alone. I knew that all of you were there with me, that Team Cecilia was there.  Thank you for that!  Thank you for your love, your encouragement, your support!!  I am forever humbled!!!
God Bless you all!!! 
I am done writing about running, this week has new adventures (plus running, b/c I think I'm addicted and my legs need to feel better so I know I must run, but I won't write about that)...... :) 

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Henry's Mom said...

So proud of you Jess! As usual, your post got me all choked up :-) Love you!