Friday, October 12, 2012

Join Team Cecilia!

*Updated!!!  click here to go directly to the UCP of Mobile website to donate today*
Just put "Team Cecilia" for the dedication, and select Mobile for locale UCP
I want to begin by thanking everyone who has supported us during this training.  I remember coming home from a run shortly after we had received Cecilia's diagnosis.  I had tons of energy and desire to do something, but what?  I knew and still know that we are completely blessed in so many ways.  Cecilia is doing amazing and continues to impress me daily.  But I still needed to do something.  I told Alan I wanted to start running 5k's to raise money for UCP (United Cerebral Palsy).  I started searching for runs that any UCP sponsored and I couldn't find many..... but I came across one for a half marathon.  I laughed and told Alan that I had no desire to ever run that far!! 
I'm not sure what changed my mind.  I think it was the challenge of the race, the training, the preparation, the time that I would need to put into it.  I knew that it would be an amazing accomplishment, and something that I could be proud of.  I knew that all of my children will struggle with something in their lives and I wanted/needed to be the example to them that they can do anything, big or small!  So all that being said, as you know I committed to this half marathon, and here I am two weeks out - sick as a dog - but ready!! 
So what can you do now?  Well, first please continue to pray for us, pray that I don't get hurt (as I'm sure you remember my broken arm was not the easiest thing for my little family to work around).  I ask you to pray for the many, many children the UCP help around the country.  Did you know that 65% of the children that UCP works with do not have cerebral palsy.  This organization helps all children with any number of limitations and special needs.  There are so many children out there that rely on UCP as the sole provider for their children's therapy.  One neat program that UCP of Mobile has is camp SMILE.  Camp SMILE is a true summer camp for children with limitations and/or special needs.  They get the opportunity to ride horses, climb walls, hike, canoe, anything a traditional summer camp experience would contain. Camp SMILE also encourages family members to attend camp also.  What an amazing opportunity for so many children.
So today, I ask you to pray, ask yourself if you and your family would be willing to join Team Cecilia.  By joining Team Cecilia I am asking you to donate some of your treasures to help others.  I am running 13.1 miles, can you join me and match every mile I run with $1? 
If you would rather lace up your sneakers, then I have another option for you.  Coming this January UCP of Mobile will be hosting its 2nd annual 5K on Dauphin Island.  If you have never run or walked 3.1 miles, then I think this is the time to start.  I would love to see all of you out on the Island in January. 
If you would like to support UCP today by joing Team Cecilia, click on the picture below, it will pull up a different page, print it - fill it out, mail it in :)  How simple is that!!  If you have problems printing out the form (I know there is a better way to get a file up for you, but I can't figure it out at the moment) please call, email, or message me on facebook and I will get the form to you ASAP! 
Thank you all so much!!

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