Thursday, October 21, 2010

What season is it really?

To my dear friends and family who have the misfortune of not living here, I would like to apologize for the following post; it might cause mild jealousy. See every time we get an opportunity to head down to the beach or the bay we tell ourselves, this is the last time this year. Last time for some sand castles, running in the sand in bathing suites, sitting in the warm sun.....then we laugh - b/c really it's OCTOBER should we be saying this at all????
Yet there we were, this past Monday with my mom in Fairhope, living it up
And though we said it then, that was most likely the last day on the water, we'll just have to see
Even though we might not have days on the water, we'll still have amazing days outside.....that is when we leave our house!
We still haven't moved, but when we get a chance we do head over to one of the grandmother's houses and play play play!!! Mommy needs that amazing energy to get out somehow, and they know how to do it!
See this is fall for us, and fall is amazing. The heat is mostly gone, the bugs have simmered down, the humidity is at a beautiful low, and the kids can stay outside all day!!! ahhh, let's just get this house sold, move on, have some twins, and stay outside where tantrums seem to be at a minimum!!!
St. Joesph pray for us!! :)

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