Thursday, October 28, 2010

A little something about Alan and Jess

I'm sure there are a lot of things that you want to know about us - but don't :) But one thing you might or might not know is that we have a minor addiction to Harry Potter! Ok, I've admitted it, it's out there, we love it - get over it :) See I fell in love with the books years ago, Alan he's into the movies - although he promises me he'll read the books after all the movies are over; we'll see
Since the LAST movie is coming out (technically part 1 of 2) Alan and I are getting prepared
So we have begun our annual Harry Potter marathon - not really a fast passed marathon, more like a slow jog to Nov. 11th. We seem to be a bit tired so it is taking a few nights to finish a movie, but we will be done by Movie Day!!! So, please don't call after 7pm, we're busy watching movies :) And if you want to be our free babysitter Nov. 11th please let me know ;)

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