Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stephen got a Gaaatooorrrr

Ok, so I know I have a southern accent, I can't deny it - but let's be honest it's not the deepest southern accent out there AT ALL!! Some how Stephen has developed a very, very deep southern accent. There are moments that I notice it, and yesterday was one of those moments. He was able to open one of his Christmas presents early from his Grandma and it was a John Deere Gator. He was so stinkin excited to see this, and I mean this thing is awesome, cool, neato and all that plus a bag of Christmas cookies - and after we told him what it was he repeated it and I haven't been able to stop laughing b/c that southern accent came out with flying colors. I just don't think I can spell it as southern as he said it but it was funny! He said "I got a John Gaattooorr!" :)
He was even so excited he wanted Abby to take a ride with him.....that didn't really work!
He even helped Daddy out by hauling some logs to the burn pile! :) May the rest of this Advent season be an amazing time of preparation for you and your family and may your Christmas be filled with the joy of Christ! God Bless you all!!!

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