Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog vaction break

Though we are on vacation, and I have chosen to be on blog vacation; I thought it only appropriate to blog on the last day of the year, sentimental reasons of course. I mean this has been a rather awesome year! :)
We've celebrated birthday's of friends, and childrenAmazing birth of our first daughter
a transition from only child to big brother, it's like Abby's always been here now! :)
Always trying to have a good time, or at least always trying to get Stephen to eat!
Learning about being a big brother, and still working on very important terms like - no hitting, please don't bite your sister - you know the important stuff
Then there's just been some great moments together, just hanging out!
Alan learning all about how easy it is to love on his little girl
and what a cute little girl she is!
flexible too!
then the year has come to an end with a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth!
Family (I know everyone says Abby looks like a Maddox, but I'm tellin you she looks a lot like her Aunt Jo Jo did when she was a baby!)
And Stephen finally got to sit in a jet - and one that his Popi used to fly! :) What a great year
Thanks so much for all those reading as I've enjoyed this little blog. I love all of you, May Christ be with you throughout this next great year! God Bless you all!!

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