Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little broken

 yep, that's me - and don't think you noticed incorrectly....I broke my right arm.  this will be a short post!!!  For my non-facebook readers, I am the frustrated owner of a broken radius near my elbow :(  after years of discusion and debate i joined an adult soccer leauge....... first game = worst injury of my 20+ competive soccer years!!!
 so now i am just able to sit here and try to type with my left hand :(  i am 100% dependant on my amazing family anf friends to care for my children, seeing as can still not change dipars, drive, dress litle ones....blah blah blah (notice the cute 4yr old picking out his own clothes)
i'm going to go now, this is qiute difficult.  one more note about my previous post, cloising has been pushed back to mid-feb, and we might get some answers on our road bump after six weks of waiting!!!!  this is all in God's hands, i can do nothing without him!!!!

oh, and i did save thw goal :)

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