Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Has it really been a year!!!  I truly can not believe it!!  This has been the most amazing year!!  We have grown so much as a family and I have been so overwhelmed with watching all my children grow, I just can't wait to see what the next year with all of our children brings!!
 After the twins were born things got a little foggy around here, lack of sleep and two toddlers needing some extra loving might have had something to do with it - but I was able to not stress out, enjoy my new babies and love on my sweet toddlers..... Because of the amazing gift of family and friends!!!
 Therefor I would like to dedicate this post to all those wonderful people who jumped in without hesitation and helped us through those first few months!!!  We planned all year on having a big birthday bash to celebrate all those who showed their love, but due to my broken arm (which I did just get my cast off!) selling the house (still no closing date but we're on track for the end of this month) and the big kicker..... Alan got sent out of town for an entire week (he left this morning, so we had to spend the majority of the weekend packing the house); well that being said we decided to have a small family get together...... but our love for all of you is still there!
 I would like to start off by thanking my dear friend Lauren and her family for jumping in her car in the middle of the night b/c my water broke! :)  Thank you so much for watching the kids my parent's really enjoyed being able to be at the hospital when the twins were born!! 
Thank you to the twins godparent's Sonja Brueck and Kevin Clausius! We love you guys so much, your prayers and love are such a blessing to us!! 
 Thank you Mom and Dad for all your love, taking the older kids while I was pregnant and after!!  All the yummy food, and many many more things!! 
 Thank you Mama Maddox, for all your love, watching the older kids, holding the babies so I can go play with Stephen and Abby outside, babysitting for date nights, and all the yummy yummy food!!  Lisa Cowart you are so wonderful to have come to your mama's and cooked all that food for us!!  Thank you!
 Thank you to my dear friends who came by the house to visit and to take Stephen and Abby away for a bit to play, those moments were so special to them (and me)!  Trisha Lyons, Lisa Melnick, and Lauren Johnson you and your wonderful children got us through those first few months!!

 I have to give a big, big, big shout out to my "old" book club (old b/c I haven't been able to go since the twins were born).  They all got together and organized a food system that kept our family feed for two months!!!  Wow, wow, wow!!  I loved all the food, and the drop offs - seeing you all and your generosity was such a gift!!
There are so many more people who stopped by, sent food, held babies, sent gifts, I just can't name you all; but please know I know who you all are and I love you dearly!!! I would also like to give a shout out to my dear friends from out of town who have gone out of their way to come by and say hey, visit, sleep on blow-up mattresses just to show their love :) Stephany McLaughlin and her beautiful family and Alyson and Meredith Gramley.  Thank you Missy, Stephen still plays with his coloring notebook you sent(he calls it his spy book)! :) 

Again, I know I couldn't name everyone, I have a great book club and Rosary group and you all have helped out so much!  Thank you Sheena T, Elizabeth V, Elizabeth B, Alyssa, Courtny, Britney, and all those on facebook who have given us moral support and prayers!!

I have to stop now, I am just so thankful for this past year!!  I know these past three weeks have been a re-peat of a year ago, so thank you to the same people for all the help with my broken arm!!  Mom, Shirley, Trish, Sonja and Lauren - your visits, dipar changing skills and coffee got me through (um, of course the food too!!)  Thank you, I am deeply touched and overwhelmed by your love!!


Kari said...

I can't believe your twins are a year! They are SO cute! Hope that everything goes smoothly with the move!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday, Jude and Cecilia! They are so adorable! We'll continue to pray for your family for a good move. I'm glad you were able to get your cast off :). I know how hard it is to do things with one hand (because the baby is in the other) like try to change a toddler's diaper and give him a bath; I can't imagine doing it for weeks.