Saturday, January 14, 2012

This crazy busy month!

 I alluded to the fact that this month was going to be really busy - well it has!!  I have to back up a bit to let you know just how much of a blessing this month has been. 
 In December our little family hit a minor road bump, we're still dealing with it and once we find out all the details we will of course share and ask for prayers.  I mention this b/c right not we are in a waiting stage, and I am not a patient person (I know God, I can only grow in patience by you giving me opportunities to be patient - but I'm still struggling)

 Anyways, God has actually come to the rescue (like always!) After a much need and wonderful vacation to the mountains we returned home to......AN OFFER ON THE HOUSE!!!!
 So, though we have not sold the house, we ARE IN CONTRACT!!!  After two years of having this house on the market, we are on our way to selling this sucker!!  Thank you Jesus!!
So we've been busy busy, finding out that our roof needed to be replaced and enjoying my sweet children being locked in our house entertained by the workers swarming our house these past four days! But, hopefully we're going to close on this house by the end of January - please say some prayers.....we still have the appraisal!! It has just been
such a blessing to keep me busy, and my mind off all this other stuff!

In the meantime, we have officially started to pack!!!  Crazy, crazy, crazy!!  When we moved into the house we had just gotten married, had no furniture, and no babies!!  Things have most certainly changed!!!  I'm going slow, just in case this thing doesn't go through....but still trying to keep moving! :)  Hope my next post is with a closing date!!!  God Bless you all, thanks for all the prayers, we'll keep you updated!!


Henry's Mom said...

So excited that ya'll have gotten an offer on your house!!! Praying that all events go smoothly for your sweet family over the coming months.

Christy said...

How exciting! We'll be praying that everything goes well for selling your house and moving! :)