Saturday, January 7, 2012

What an AMAZING year!!

 So I'm running a bit late on the whole "year in review" post, but I know you will all forgive me  - you're just so nice like that!
 This post is dedicated to my wonderful, loving, beautiful Memere (pictured above with my nephew Bing)  She has move back north and we miss her so much; and I know she misses seeing the kids - So Memere, this post is for you!
 This has been one of the most amazing, crazy, blurry, blessed year in our lives!
 Looking back I can't believe that the twins are almost a year old, and Stephen is about to be 5!!!  What, my baby will be 5 - I can't handle it
 Every year (ok, the last two years) I've sat back and decided that I wasn't going to do a big post on the past year - then I start going through my pictures, and I just can't help but share
 It amazes me every year, and I'm sure it will for the rest of my life - just how much my sweet little children have grown!
 So I think I will leave my words at that.  Well I'll try at least, and I will let you just scroll on down and enjoy and let me know about how your family has grown this past year!!!

 I don't believe that Jude the Dude was that small...ever :)

 Every few pictures I'll type something in just to make sure you're not to board.  I think this might be my favorite picture of the year!!  This is a great and beautiful example of having young children! 

 Our first 5K....I don't think I've run since then :)

Goodbye 2011, you were wonderful to us!!  Hello 2012, things are looking pretty good!!  God is great!


Jenn said...

What fun and so many memories! 2011 was indeed a GREAT year! Your family is so beautiful!

The Bean Team said...

LOVE the pictures!

Henry's Mom said...

Loved the pix, you have a beautiful fam Jess. Wish we lived closer & could see each other more. Love you!

Lisa said...

Loved all the pictures! You do such a good job of showing their different personalities! God bless you and your family!!!