Tuesday, July 12, 2011

what to do??

Aunt Lisa came for a visit to get some loving from her nieces and nephews!
So things around here have been going at about a 100 miles an hour it seems like.  Stephen has one activity after another, we've been so blessed with family and friends in town, and the twin are now up more then they are asleep during the day!
Me and my godson JR! I love this kid (and so does Stephen)
But in the middle of all of this I'm having to make some major decisions about children!!  What to do, what to do - see Jude has decided that he really doesn't like to sleep :( He wants to, but when you put him down he gets rather fussy - this makes for very frustrating encounters in the wee hours of the night. 
silly Hanlon
On top of that, I'm getting that inch that they are getting to big to share a crib any more, our room is getting to small for the pack n play, and they are getting sensitive to light and noise while they are sleeping - so no tv or reading if their in there with us. 
cute cousins watching a movie!
Ok, so all of that being said I have to ask myself what do we do?  I really am not ready for Abby to move out of her crib (but I just might not have control over that anymore) and the thought of moving another crib into that nursery and another bed into Stephen's room just makes me feel claustrophobic!  I can't imagine someone buying our house with the room packed to the brim - plus I just really feel like the second we move everything in is the day we finally sell this house!
Cousin Kristen getting her baby fix :) Cecilia is really enjoying it!!
So with all that being said - what do you think?  I wish I could be better at making some of these decisions, but sometimes I just need a sounding board.  (I also am getting a feeling of what I'm going to do just by typing it all out)
Abby with two of her cousins, they were loving playing together!!
 anyone have any thoughts on getting Jude to just go to sleep? :)  What about selling your house with a handful of kids involved? 

Stephen and JR - fighting buddies (they had so much fun being "rough" together) Alan now thinks Stephen's roughness is a genetic thing and he gets it from my side :) LOL
                                   Any thoughts on how to keep my sanity while being just a bit tired?
Sweet Tate, he loved the babies!!
So I know we are at a changing point here in the Maddox household - I just don't know if I'm ready for my sweet Abby to be a big girl just yet and at the same time I'm ready to get those sweet babies to sleep a little bit more :)  Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear from anyone, even if it's just a hello I'm thinking about you! 


gabriellecato said...

i know without a doubt you know exactly what to do! you are such a stellar mommy! i am soooo NOT going to try to answer your questions, haha, maybe you can answer mine... luke says it's time to move anderson's crib out of our room... i'm not sure i'm ready! this stuff is so hard!

Nikki Schroeder said...

I don't have any baby advise, but I miss you lots, and am thinking about you often. When might a visit to Colorado be in the works? We have a spare bedroom!!

Bing Murphy said...

I think I'm confused, can you provide a diagram please?:)

I vote for whatever gets you more sleep.

brandismith said...

I'm right with you about moving Kendall out of her crib! I'm so not ready! I never had sleep issues with the girls but my friend did with her son. She started a chart and for every night that he didn't fight sleep or get out of bed all night, he got a sticker on his chart! It worked for her. You have beautiful family and I applaud you for raising them in a home that loves God! You are a minority! I miss you!

Julie said...

Ok, my thoughts, but I know whatever you decide will be the best fit for your family. And if it doesn't fit, try it a different way. First of all, I wouldn't worry about having too cluttered of a room for showing reasons. The right person is going to come along and buy your house. I know. Ours was on the market a year before selling and there was absolutely nothing that I did or didn't do to make it work. It was just the right fit. Believe me, I stressed with every showing (or lack of showing) that it had to be perfect. You will sell it. Second, Abby will do fine in a bed. It may take a little adjusting, but she will move for you and the reward chart is a good idea. Just my opinion, but it also comes from the fact that we have moved our kids into twin beds before they were even 18 months old. But it worked for our family. God bless!!

courtney said...

I miss you and your sweet kiddos!! Can't wait to see you soon...maybe tomorrow?? Oh, and GO USA!!!