Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things happen so quickly around here!

So I have to apologize, I truly wanted to have a post up much sooner, but things happen around here quicker then I can document them!
After writing the last post I read all the comments - thank you so much for your thoughts!  We moved Abby into Stephen's room in a pack and play and the twins into one crib in the nursery.....
That didn't last long!  On the second morning I woke up to find Abby out of the pack n play..... then I got worried she would climb out and get hurt. So I made the call to Alan that he needed to go by the storage unit on his way home and get the other bed - it was time!
That night, I sat in the nursery, nursing a baby and Alan started putting the bed together, all I could hear was little Abby - "I help you daddy? This my bed? You build my bed daddy?"  So stinkin cute, she really got into it!
The excitement continued, it ended up being a little later night then usual, but that was ok
Abby was truly pumped when she saw her princess sheets that she picked out all by herself!!  She was so happy
Then Stephen began demonstrating what was going to happen when we closed the door and said goodnight
It was an interesting evening for sure!  Abby started the evening crying and saying she was scared :(  We tried to lay down with her, but that was just a party for them; then it turned into a party.  (After the crying I was very happy to hear the laughing) Then I think around 10:30 that night we stopped hearing the laughing and giggling.  At 1am I found Abby sleeping under her bed :)
 Then we started to notice that the twins were waking up a bit more than usual (which is really hard to do) - why might you ask? well, someone seemed to be kicking the other one in the head!  Really cute actually, I would put them down on opposite sides of the crib, then when I heard them crying they both would have wiggled to the center towards each other!  But they unfortunately where waking each other up. 
I made the call to our dear friends Lauren and Dan Johnson, who have so wonderfully let us borrow their crib!!!  Alan had another bed putting together evening, and just like that our house is wall to wall beds! :) 

Just in case you're wondering, the evenings have gotten better with Stephen and Abby - they do giggle and play for a bit before falling asleep, but I'm all for that bonding!  They are becoming best best friends for sure! :)

Thanks again!

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Henry's Mom said...

Your bed situation looks a lot like my sister's house at various stages. I will have to show her your blog and watch her smile ; - ) BTW, love the jungle mural in the twin's room!