Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting outside!

As you can imagine, our lives have been kinda confined to the wonderful walls of our home.  To say the least, the kids.....and their mother have developed a small case of cabin fever.
Ok, more their mother than the kids - due only to the wonderful friends and family that have been coming over and taking Stephen and Abby out and about.
That being said, it was a wonderful break for everyone (even the dog) to head over to Mississippi for the day this past Saturday.  Stephen and Abby played outside non-stop!!!  I can't wait to move!
A huge added bonus.....Aunt Lisa, Uncle Kenny, Katherine, and Taylor all made it over for the weekend so we got to see them and play all day with family.  Even some special friends stopped by to say hi and get a quick hug from the twins!

Abby was tired by the end of the day, but not to tired to celebrate her birthday one more time with her Aunt and Uncle and of course cousins!  What a fun day - welcome Spring!!! :)

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