Thursday, May 8, 2014

He's here!

Good Morning, and happy Thursday!  So I'm a bit behind on posting anything, but then again if I wasn't then that would be out of the norm!  I'd like to start this post off by letting you all know that I won't bore you with all the sorted details, I'll just tell you that the smile above was a fake :) Don't get me wrong, I was so joyful and happy, but by this point it was becoming aware to us that a minor complication was at hand and I wasn't feeling so well.
No fear, this "little" guy didn't disappoint!  Augustine "Gus" is a happy, healthy little boy, weighing in at 9lbs even at birth!  Smallest singleton birth weight :) haha!
Because I wasn't feeling good at all the kids had to wait to see their new brother, I never thought I would ever tell Alan not to let the kids come see us - but I just needed some time to recover enough to sit up and fake feeling good so I didn't scare them.
The kids were so happy to meet and see their new little brother!  It brought so much joy and warmth to our hearts to have all our children in the same room - even for just a few minutes :)

Welcome Augustine Ambrose Maddox, we are so joyed to finally meet you!  Now I think I'll go get some more coffee :)

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The Little House That Grew said...

Happy Baby Jess!! So excited for you. You look amazing ..faking or not. I'm glad all is well and only good times ahead!!
Love you all!!